Protest Erupts Over Selection of Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni as New Eze Aro

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In the wake of the recent selection of Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni as the incoming Eze Aro of Arochukwu Kingdom, a group identifying themselves as "Mazi Kanu Okoro of the Okennachi Ruling House" has announced their intent to stage a protest against this decision. The announcement comes in response to the selection committee's declaration of Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni as the new Eze Aro.

According to the protestors, their main grievance lies in the deviation from longstanding Arochukwu customs and traditions. They contend that the tradition stipulates that a son cannot be considered for the Kingship while his father is still alive, which they argue has not been upheld in this selection process.

The group also raises concerns regarding Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni's perceived outsider status. They assert that it is non-traditional to open the selection of the Aro Throne to someone who will be serving the Kingdom from outside Arochukwu, contrary to the customary emphasis on community involvement.

Moreover, allegations of monetary influence in the selection process have further fueled the protest. The protestors argue that these allegations suggest that the election may have been manipulated to favor Pastor Ebere Chukwu Joshua Kanu Oji, undermining the integrity of the process.

The situation is gaining significant attention in Arochukwu, and this protest underscores the divisions and disagreements surrounding the selection of the new Eze Aro. Aro Okeigbo Blog obtained a copy of a letter from the Mazi Kanu Okoro Oke Nnachi Ruling House expressing their protest. The letter, which is addressed to the President General of the Okennachi Kindred Union, was shared with Aro Okeigbo Blog, and its contents are as follows:

MAZI KANU OKORO OKE NNACHI RULING HOUSE Exe Aro's Palace Oror, Arochukwu Kingdom

18th October, 2023

The President General Okennachi Kindred Union, Arochukwu.


Following the outcome of the kangaroo Screening Result announced today 18th October, 2023 at the Arochukwu Council Hall Oror, we the family of Mazi Kanu Okoro Oke Nnachi hereby write to inform you through this medium that we totally reject the result of your committee based on the following reasons:

That according to long-standing Arochukwu Custom and Tradition, a son cannot be considered for the Crowning of the Kingdom while his father is still alive.

That it is not customary/traditional to open the selection of the Aro Throne to someone who is going to be working for the Kingdom from outside Arochukwu as presented by Pastor Eberechukwu Joshua exercise.

That from all indication there was monetary influence for the consideration of this election to deliberately favour Pastor Eberechukwu Joshua Kanu Oji.

For your information, therefore, we have made copies of this letter to the following who are the custodians of the Kingdom regarding the crowning of a new Eze Aro (1) The Eze Ibom Isil (2) The Eze Eze Agwu na Okwara Agwu to put an immediate stop to any arrangements you may have to carry out henceforth until this issue are sorted out.

Copy to:

Mazi Augustine Kanu Okoro (Arianzu Aro)

HRH Eze Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu (Eze Ibom Isii)

HRH Eze Okoroafor Uroh Okoroafor (Eze Eze Agwu na Okwara Agwu)

Mazi Dozie Udensi (PG Nzuko Aro Worldwide)

The President General Ibom Isil Kindred

The President General Eze Eze Agwu na Okwara Agwu

Above is for your information and necessary action please

Yours sincerely,

Barr Kingsley P.C Kanu

Elder Emmanuel O. Idei

For Mazi Kanu Okoro Oke Ruling House

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