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1. Introduction:

   - Aro Okeigbo Blog, a leading online news and media platform in Arochukwu, offers advertising opportunities and event coverage services to individuals and businesses.

2. Content Guidelines:

   - Advertisements and event coverage must align with the blog's focus on informing, entertaining, and providing up-to-date news.

   - The blog does not support or endorse any political group, ensuring impartiality in coverage.

   - Hate speech, insults, and violent-related content are strictly prohibited.

3. Payment and Refund Policy:

   - Payments for advertising are non-refundable, except in cases where the advertised content is found to be untrue or in violation of our guidelines.

   - Refunds will not be issued for advertisements meeting our goals and guidelines.

   - For event coverage, logistical support must be provided, and failure to do so may result in a breach of agreement.

4. Monthly Subscription Rates:

   - Blog Post Posting Advert (Politics): $350

   - Non-Political Advert: $200

   - Per Post Advert: $30

   - Weekly Advert: $70

5. Banner Advertisements:

   - Header Banner (Politics): $300

   - Business Advert Banner: $250

   - Normal Post Advert Banner: $150 (all for one month)

6. Inside Post Banner:

   - $150 per Post

7. Footer Advert for a Month:

   - $100

8. Event Coverage Terms:

   - Clients must provide transportation, accommodations, and meals for our team during the event coverage period.

   - Failure to fulfill logistical requirements may result in a breach of agreement, allowing deduction of days from already paid advertising services.

9. Event Coverage Rates:

   - Rates for event coverage are determined based on the nature, duration, and location of the event. Contact [email protected]  for personalized event coverage deals.

10. Combined Advertising and Event Coverage Packages:

   - Clients interested in a comprehensive advertising and event coverage package can negotiate a combined deal tailored to their specific needs.

11. Modification of Advertising Dates:

   - For event coverage requiring modification of already scheduled advertising dates, Aro Okeigbo Blog will work with the client to find mutually agreeable solutions.

12. Client Responsibilities:

   - Clients are responsible for providing accurate event details and schedules for smooth coverage.

   - Any changes to event details must be communicated promptly to avoid disruptions in coverage.

13. Contact Information:

   - For inquiries and bookings related to both advertising and event coverage, please contact our team at [email protected]

By engaging in advertising and event coverage with Aro Okeigbo Blog, clients acknowledge and agree to these terms. The blog management retains the right to adjust these terms as needed, with notice provided to clients.

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