Unveiling Arochukwu Kingdom: A Comprehensive Guide to its 19 Villages and Their Nicknames

Arochukwu Tower Picture

 Arochukwu Kingdom is a rich tapestry of culture and tradition, comprising 19 distinct villages, each with its own unique character. These villages, also known by alternative names or nicknames, are the backbone of Arochukwu's heritage. Aro Okeigbo Blog is dedicated to providing insight into the Arochukwu Local Government Area and its cultural heritage.

Arochukwu Kingdom is organized into three main kindreds:

1. Okwara Agwu N' Eze Agwu Kindred

2. Ibom Isii

3. Okennachi Kindred

For those seeking to familiarize themselves with the villages that constitute Arochukwu, we present the following list:

1. UGWUAKUMA - Known as Akuma nnubi.

2. AGBAGWỤ - Also referred to as Nsị Egbe.

3. AMANNAGWỤ - Commonly called Ama Agwụ (Eze Agwụ).

4. ỤJARỊ - Recognized as Koko Ọbasi.

5. AMASỤ - Familiar as Eviagbọ.

6. IBOM - Known locally as Oburutu.

7. ỌRỌR - Also known as Ámá Eze.

8. AMỌBA - Often referred to as Nsikọ Gbagburu Enyi.

9. OBINKITA - Commonly known as Obi na-etiti.

10. UTUGHUGWU - Recognized as Obi n'ugwu.

11. AMANKWỤ - Often called Izuọgụ na Ịheme.

12. UGBO - Commonly referred to as Ugbo Ọba.

13. AMỤKWA - Known as Mgboso ka Ohu.

14. UGWUAVỌ - Sometimes called Ugwu Ọnyịrị, with some now referring to it as Ugwu Nsọ.

15. ISIMKPU - Known locally as Amaja.

16. ATANỊ - Referred to as Mmawuru ndị a mụrụ na-enyi, or simply Mmawuru.

17. AMANGWU - Commonly known as Oso nta.

18. ASAGA - Often referred to as Ugwunagbọ, though some still call it Asaa-Agaa.

19. AMỤVỊ - Commonly recognized as Ụda mbeleke.

This comprehensive list of Arochukwu's 19 villages and their alternative names was compiled by Nwamazi Nnadozie Victor, the CEO of Aro Okeigbo Blog, with a commitment to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Arochukwu Kingdom.

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