Traditional Marriage Customs of the Aro People: A Detailed Guide to Arochukwu Kingdom's Marriage List


Arochukwu Bride

The Aro People of Abia State, Nigeria, are renowned for their rich cultural heritage and values. A typical Aro girl is often described as industrious and hardworking, embodying qualities highly esteemed in their society. Known for their beauty and grace, Aro women are held in high regard, and marrying one is considered a significant undertaking.

The meticulous upbringing of Aro women, characterized by their conscientiousness and beauty, contributes to the high bride price associated with marrying them, often considered one of the highest in Nigeria. This practice of presenting a bride price list to a groom or his family has been a long-standing tradition, serving as a direct message to potential suitors about the value placed on Aro women in marriage.

It's important to note that the bride price lists vary among different villages and compounds within the Arochukwu Kingdom. While the list provided here offers a glimpse into the customs of one village, it may not be representative of all Aro communities. The contents and requirements of the bride price list are subject to change over time, and it is advisable for interested parties to approach the marriage process with openness and respect for local traditions.

The traditional marriage list of the Arochukwu Kingdom includes various items and provisions that the groom and his family are expected to provide. These items range from symbolic offerings like palm wine and schnapps to practical necessities such as food and financial contributions. The list underscores the cultural significance attached to marriage in Arochukwu and reflects the community's values and traditions.

Tubers Of Yam Listed In Arochukwu Marriage List
While the bride price list may seem extensive, it is a reflection of the respect and value accorded to the institution of marriage within the Aro culture. Each item on the list carries symbolic meaning and serves to strengthen the bonds between the families involved. It is a testament to the importance of tradition and cultural identity in the Arochukwu Kingdom.

In conclusion, the traditional marriage practices of the Aro people are deeply rooted in their cultural heritage and serve as a way to preserve and celebrate their identity. The bride price list, while a practical aspect of the marriage process, is also a symbolic gesture of respect and appreciation for the Aro woman and her family.

Traditional Marriage List of Arochukwu Kingdom in Abia State

1) Introduction (Ihe Ahuru Na Ulo)

- One jar of palm wine

- One crate of 7up products

- One crate of malt

- Two bottles of whisky

- Well-cooked cooler of rice

2) Giving Out List

- Two bottles of schnapps

- Two thousand naira only

3) Mmayi Ububo

- One bottle of schnapps

4) Mmayi Ajuju for the Parents of the Bride

- One bottle of whisky

- One bottle of schnapps

- Two jars of palm wine

- One hand, one leg of dried meat (Aka na ukwu anu okpoo)

Arochukwu Marriage List Items

5) Transport for Bringing Out the Bride

- #3000

- Ikwa anu, negotiable by men @cash

- Ikwa anu negotiable by women #1000

6) Ihu Onu Aku

- One bottle of schnapps

7) Iwu Okwu Mmiri

- One bottle of whisky

8) Mmayi Nganga

- Six cartons of beer

- Two crates of Gulder

- Two crates of Star

- Two crates of small stout

- Six crates of minerals/malt

9) Money for Ogbuti Ulo Nta

- One thousand naira

10) Mmayi Adaighi Uto

- Men/women negotiable by cash

11) Negotiable by the person

12) Money for Siikoyi Akpagarate and Snuff Tobacco

- For young men: two thousand naira only (#2000)

- For women: one thousand five hundred naira only (#1500)

Ibu Mmayi Ukwu

- Arochukwu Drinking Marital Wine Procedure Revised Approved by Eze Ogo and Cabinet Oji Ogo and Signed by Ezeogo and the Head of the Villages in Aro with Effect from 1st October 2003

1) Carrying of Wine

- A total of 38 jars are needed. Buy 12 jars physically, then pay for 26 jars at #600 each.

2) Collecting of Date/Time

- One bottle of St. Remy brand or one thousand five hundred naira (cash)

3) Supporting of Pot/Nviyi Mmayi

- The pot of wine is to be supported with two bottles of schnapps. If you come later than the time you give, pay #4000 (four thousand naira) only for your penalty.

4) Wine is Not Sweet

- #200 (two hundred naira) only

5) For Snuff Oji Ogo

- One thousand naira only (#1000)

6) For Cigarettes (Youths)

- One thousand naira (#1000)

7) Walking Stick is Not Fine/Nkpo Adigi Mma

- #100 (one hundred naira) only

8) Re-Filling of the Pot/Nwuju Mmanya Arochukwu

- Three jars of palm wine

9) Appreciation/Mmanya Nganga

- Six cartons of beer

- Six crates of minerals

- Two cartons of small stout

- Two cartons of Star beer

- Two cartons of Gulder

- Two crates of malt

- Four crates of 7up, Fanta, Coke, minerals

Mother-in-law's Entitlements

- One big George

- One plain George

- Two wax prints

- Two blouses

- One fine handbag

- Two head ties

- One pair of shoes

- One fine umbrella

- One wristwatch

- One big basin

- One metal bucket

- One English mat

- One big towel

- Two tins of big powder

- Six bottles of pomade

- Necklace and earrings

Father-in-law's Entitlements

- One big chief jumper

- One piece of plain George wrapper

- One walking stick

- One fine hat or one umbrella

- One wristwatch

- A pair of shoes or a pair of socks

- A dozen handkerchiefs

Women Cooking Requirements

- Two bags of rice

- Two bags of salt

- One carton of bar soap

- Two bottles of curry

- One rubber of red oil

- One rubber of groundnut oil

- 20 cups of peeled melon

- Four cups of achi seed

- Five cups of dried pepper

- Three packets of maggi/thyme

- Four tins of tomatoes (the biggest size)

- Large quantity of fresh pepper

- Two bottles of curry

- One bag of garri/fufu

- Large quantity of crayfish

- 35 tubers of yam

- Four longs of stockfish

- Six big heads of stockfish

- Large quantity of onions

- One basket of fresh tomatoes

- Two large goats

- Large quantity of dried fish

- Five heads of okazi leaves

Women in the Kitchen

- Kitchen support #5000.00

- Two packets of cabin biscuit

- Two crates of minerals

- One jar of tombo

- One bottle of schnapps

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