ARO NEWS: Confusion In Aro As Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni Emerges The New Eze Of Arochukwu Kingdom

Arochukwu Kingdom is currently facing a lot of confusion and arguments about choosing their new Eze Aro after the passing of the previous Eze Aro, Mazi Vincent Okoro. The situation got even more complicated during the 2023 Ikeji Aro festival, where two different calendars were celebrated, making it clear that an official Eze Aro was needed.

Traditionally, the Eze Aro in Arochukwu hasn't been picked through voting or selection. However, due to public demand, a committee of seven people was formed to start the selection process. Before the voting process, one candidate stepped down in favor of Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni. Screenings were conducted on all the interested candidates. After thorough scrutiny, two candidates remained: Mr. Godwin Kanu Idei and Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni.

During the final voting process, Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni received more votes, while Mr. Godwin Kanu Idei received only two votes. As a result, Pastor Chukwu Eni was declared the new Eze of the Aro Kingdom. This decision raised questions about whether it followed tradition.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni's father is still alive. In Arochukwu tradition, it's considered unusual for someone to become Eze Aro while their father is still alive. This has led to debates about what to call Pastor Chukwu Eni – should he be addressed as "Nwamazi" or "Mazi"?

To solidify his position as the new Eze Aro, Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni called a meeting in the Oror community with Ngwa Isii. He asked for their support and requested blessings before they will accompany him to Utugugwu to show them and then Eze Agwu's palace before the final crowning at Eze Ibom Isii. However, the Oror community expressed confusion about how he became the new Eze Aro, as they believe the next Eze Aro should come from the Kanu Idei family based on tradition.

Choosing the new Eze Aro in Arochukwu Kingdom has led to a lot of arguments and disagreements, as it goes against tradition. The community is split over the legitimacy of the selection process and the candidacy of Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni. Aro Okeigbo Blog continues to provide updates on this unfolding situation, and the future of Arochukwu's leadership remains uncertain.

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