I Crowned HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei As The 9th Eze Aro To Preserve The Customs And Traditions Of Arochukwu Kingdom - Eze Ibom Isii

Nnadozie Victor

The selection process for the new Eze Aro in Arochukwu Kingdom has triggered a wave of controversy, culminating in an extensive response from HRH Eze Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu. The selection committee's decision to appoint Pastor Eberechukwu Joshua Kanu Oji as the incoming Eze Aro has resulted in protests and disagreements within the community, primarily concerning tradition and suitability.

In the midst of this turmoil, HRH Eze Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu has delivered a detailed response. Addressed to Mazi Udo Chijioke, the President General of Okennachi Kindred, the response sheds light on the traditional and community concerns that have arisen since the selection.

Eze Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu expressed his concerns that the selection process has disregarded the established customs and traditions of Aro Kingdom. In particular, he highlighted a tradition that an Eze Aro candidate should not have a living father, a tradition that has been consistently upheld. In his words, "There is no one in Aro from Eze Ezi to Eze Ogo and to Eze Aro level that the father is still living, that has come to be an Eze in Arochukwu Kingdom. If accepted that any person whose father is still living, it will divide Aro Kingdom."

In his earlier letter to Mazi Udo Chijioke, dated 18th October 2023, HRH Eze Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu had urged a reevaluation of the selection decision, pointing out the ramifications and dangers to Aro Kingdom if the sacred customs were ignored. He had also emphasized that the favored candidate, Pastor Eberechukwu Joshua Kanu Oji, did not meet the qualifications as outlined in his letter.

Furthermore, HRH Eze Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu's response to the selection includes a description of the traditional and community-approved coronation of HRM Eze Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei as the 9th King of Arochukwu Kingdom on 20th October 2023. This coronation was carried out with jubilation and symbolizes the enduring customs and traditions that form the foundation of Arochukwu's identity.

The ongoing controversy surrounding the selection process and the resultant response from HRH Eze Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu underscore the divisions within Arochukwu and the need for resolution. This dispute continues to be closely monitored, and further updates will be provided as events develop.

See Letter Below,

Mazi Udo Chijioke,

President General Okennachi, Oror, Arochukun,

C/O Eze Aro Palace,

Abia State, Nigeria.


Your undated letter without title is received on 21-10-2023, I have carefully read through the letter signed by you and five others on the selection of Nwamazi Engr Eberechukwu Oji as Eze Aro. It is pertinent to state that Eze Ogo Utughugwu Mazi Okoroafor Ajunwa didn't sign the letter signifying his non-acceptance of Nwamazi Eberechukwu Kanu Oji.

I noticed with dismay that you failed/ignored to reference my electronic letter to you delivered to your telephone No 07032037954 on 18-10-2023 due to the sensitive and urgent nature of the issues stated therein (copy of said electronic letter is hereby attached)

Same electronic letter was copied to the following

1. Augustine Kanu Okoro (Onye Arianzu)

2. Mazi Kanu Ivi

3. Mazi Sobaz Lawson

4. Barr. Dr. Njaka

5. Justice Onwuchekwa

I have been expecting your response to my letter since 18-10-2023 to no avail. The content of this your letter to me shows your deliberated effort to ignore the critical issues that I raised in my letter titled, "THE STOOL OF EZE ARO AND HIS CROWN"

It was clearly stated in my letter of 18-10-2023 to you that "There is no one in Aro from Eze Ezi to Eze Ogo and to Eze Aro level that the father is still living, that has come to be an Eze in Arochukwu Kingdom, it has never happened, if accepted that any person whose father is still living, it will divide Aro Kingdom"

I further stated to you in that letter that the son of Rev. Joshua Eni Kanu Oji, ie, Nwamazi Engr. Eberechukwu Ojí is not among those qualified for the stool of Eze Aro and his crown.

Mazi, you chose to ignore the above stated sacred custom and tradition of Aro Kingdom despite my fatherly warning of the implications and danger to Aro Kingdom. Your favourite candidate is not qualified as above stated for the reasons contained in my letter of 18-10-2023.

Please, take note and I know you are well aware that Okennachi Kindred members, on 20/10/2023 presented a qualified heir to the Eze Aro throne HRM Eze Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei to Ibom Isii and after due consultations and confirmation of his qualification to the Eze Aro throne, I as Eze Ibom Isii and the entire representation of Ibom Isii Kindred and in the presence of Eze Otusi endorsing same, we preceded to crown him for the peace, equity, protection, progress and unity of Arochukwu Kingdom. Thereafter, the new Eze Aro was taken to Eze Ezeagwu, HRH Eze Okoroafor Uroh Okoroafor for confirmation, after which the Eze Aro was escorted home by cheering crowd and "Inyankpe" masquerade through the streets of Arochukwu Kingdom; up to Amaikpe square.

I am under traditional oath/duty to protect and preserve the custom and tradition of Aro Kingdom without favoritism as you have been pressuring me. The crowing of HRM Eze Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei as the 9th King of Arochukwu Kingdom on 20-10-2023;

which was moved with jubilan m about lasting pac custom and tradition in Accept the as ww and


HRH Eze Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu


The Executive Governor, Abia State

The Commissioner, Chieftaincy & Local Gov't Affairs Ag Chairman, Arochulewu LOA Mari Prof Okoro joma, Chairman Board of Patrons, Nzuko Art Mazi Nnadzie Udensi, President General Niko Arm President General, Ibom faii Kindren President NOkwaragwu Kindred The Arianzu, Arochukwu Kingdom Ere Ereagwu na Okwara Agwi

Chairman Council of Nde Eze, Abia State.

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