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It is no longer news that a new Eze Aro emerged at exactly 1:45pm on Friday 20th October, 2023 to the glory of God.

 What is equity?

Equity is the state of being fair and impartial. As simple as it mean even , fair and equal, the execution is difficult,  tasking and daunting for human beings in black continent and Nigeria in particular. The current political turmoil threatening the existence of Nigeria is imbalance and inequality at work.

The same thing played out in Abia State that the Chapter of Equity must be adhered to give sense of belonging. The sense of belonging will breed love, security, acceptance, inclusiveness, guarantee peace and drive development.

In Arochukwu Kingdom,  there are three households within the ruling family in Oror. The household are:

Asi eko Oke Ruling House

Kanu Okoro Oke Ruling House

Oji Okoro Oke Ruling House

The above is reflective in seniority. The crown has gone round the three ruling houses. It's trite that the crown return to the first holding family which is Kanu Okoro Oke Ruling Family.

Normally, where hearts are true, few words do. In that instance of equity, if it was adhered to, there wouldn't have been any politically motivated Committee alleged to have been shrouded in deceit, bribery, manipulation and shudderness. 

The rightful thing would have been to ask the rightful family to present candidates for screening and not open to contest. The Okenachi dreadfully championed  by one Mazi Udo Chijioke failed in this. They are playing to a poorly written script and only got stuck at the tail end of the melodrama.

Pastor Ebere Oji is no doubt qualified to be Eze Aro in future having acquired good education but must wait for the father to die and be properly buried with requisite traditional rites. That automatically disqualified him without benefit of appeal.

Furthermore,  the refusal of Pastor Ebere to go to Awada shrine to perform necessary traditional assignments is a minus. He rather opted to send a proxy to perform the passage on his behalf which is an aberration. It also means that behind Pastor Ebere rejection of Awada visit is an indication of his agenda to bury age long culture and traditions of our beloved Arochukwu Kingdom. 

In view of the above, a new Eze Aro was crowned on 20th October, 2023 by Eze Ibom Isii and was subsequently confirmed  by Eze Eze Agwu. He was taken to Aliogo Ibom among other places amid cheers and applause from Umu Aro. The 9th Eze Aro is His Royal Majesty Eze Godwin Kanu Idie, the son of Kanu Idei and grandson of Kanu Okoro and great grandson of Oke Nnachi.

Any doubting Thomas can visit any Aro social media platform to know the feelings and mood of Umu Aro. 

Everyone who love equity, competence, character, commitment and peace of Arochukwu Kingdom must felicitate with the new King of Arochukwu Kingdom. Our dear brother and RCCG Pastor Ebere should douse the unnecessary tension by congratulating his brother, His Majesty Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei for peace and progress of Arochukwu. 

Finally, equity is non negotiable. Let him not give room for external elements to infiltrate the Ruling Family with a demonic agenda of dividing the indivisibilty of the Palace. Most importantly, you can't  uncrown Eze Aro except on death and other infractions which is far from the imposing, humble, intelligent, amiable and purpose driven Eze Aro,  His Royal  Majesty Eze Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei.

The architects of this political merchandise and manipulation in headship of Okenachi should allow reasoning and responsibility to prevail.

 Am a concerned Nwa Aro and just speaking for balanced Umu Aro.

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