Mr. Dennis Okoro, Comr. Nnadozie, Others Emerged New Executives Of Amasu Village Youth

On the 10th of April 2024, the village of Amasu in Arochukwu witnessed a pivotal moment in its youth association's history as Mr. Obinna Denis emerged victorious in the presidential election, succeeding Mr. Chukwuma Isaac N. to lead the Amasu Youth Association (AYA). The election, held at Ogo Amasu Village, saw several individuals assume key positions within the association.

Mr. Obinna Denis Okoro secured the presidency unopposed, demonstrating a vote of confidence from the youth. Mr. Nnadozie Victor also won unopposed, assuming the role of Secretary General. The vice-presidential seat was contested between Mr. Gospel Chinedu Eze and Mr. Okoronkwo Samson Monday, with Mr. Okoronkwo emerging victorious with 32 votes against Mr. Gospel's 5. The treasurer's position was fiercely contested by Mr. Eze Chukwuma George and Mr. Adibe Sunday Nkemkudo, with Mr. Adibe securing victory with 36 votes against Mr. Eze's single vote.

In uncontested positions, Mr. Chijioke Nwagugo was elected as the Public Relations Officer (P.R.O), while Mr. Emeka James Okoro became the Provost. Following the election, the Electoral Committee charged the newly elected officials to diligently fill the vacant seats and to be ambassadors of development, working in harmony with their colleagues.
In his acceptance speech, Mr. Obinna Dennis Okoro expressed his team's readiness to bring about significant development to Amasu Village. He highlighted the caliber of his executives, their vast contacts, and remarkable track records, expressing confidence in a new era for Amasu's youth. He reiterated his commitment to collaborate with past officials to ensure Amasu Village becomes a beacon of development within Arochukwu. He commended the Electoral Committee for its transparency and dedication despite the impromptu nature of the election.
The Electoral Committee, comprised of Elder Inyama Ezeanya, Mr. Chioma Ekeagba, Nkemkudo Sunday, and Mr. Onuoha Sunday, played a crucial role in ensuring a fair and transparent election process. The emergence of new leadership under Mr. Obinna Denis Okoro signals a new chapter for the Amasu Youth Association, promising growth, development, and unity among the youth of Amasu Village.

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