Amasu Youth Association Extends Support to Robbery Victim, Mrs. Nwakaego Asuquo, with #50,000

Amasu Village witnessed a heartwarming gesture on the 15th of April 2024, as the newly elected executive of the Amasu Youth Association, led by Mr. Dennis Okoro, presented a cash prize of #50,000 to Mrs. Nwakaego Asuquo, a popular businesswoman known for her Akara stand at the Amasu Village Square (Ogo Amasu). This gesture came as a show of support to Mrs. Asuquo, who had been a victim of multiple robberies at her shop.

Mrs. Asuquo had reported several incidents of theft at her shop, prompting the community to take action to apprehend the culprit. Finally, on the 14th of April 2024, the culprit was caught and handed over to the Arochukwu divisional Police station for possible punishment and prosecution.

In light of these events, the newly elected officials, along with other well-to-do citizens of Amasu, decided to assist Mrs. Asuquo in her time of need. The presentation of the cash prize was met with joy and happiness in the entire village, as Mrs. Asuquo expressed her gratitude to the Amasu Youth Association for their kind gesture. She prayed for God's blessings to replenish the source of the support extended to her. This act of solidarity and compassion demonstrates the unity and community spirit of the people of Amasu Village.

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