New Year Speech By Eze Aro, Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei

Nnadozie Victor


In a poignant and forward-looking address, His Majesty Eze Godwin Kanu Idei Kanu Okoro Oke, Eze Aro IX of Arochukwu Kingdom, extends a heartfelt message of gratitude and unity to the entire Arochukwu community.

As the dawn of a new year graces us, Eze Aro IX shares an earnest message reflecting on the challenges and triumphs of the past year. His address resonates with the essence of unity, forgiveness, and communal progress, setting a tone of hope and togetherness for the future.

Eze Aro IX's message revolves around the pivotal themes of unity, forgiveness, and progress. It captures the spirit of togetherness essential for the growth and prosperity of Arochukwu. This heartfelt address encapsulates the king's vision for a harmonious and thriving community.
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1. We thank the Almighty God for keeping and sustaining us all through 2023 and for bringing us gloriously into 2024. It's the Lord's  doing and its marvellous in our eyes. 

2. The last quarter of 2023 was quite turbulent for Nde Aro. No doubt, the build up to my emergence as the Eze Aro IX was full of intrigues, struggles and unnecessary dissipation of energy. Friendship and relationships were challenged and broken, enemies were made, trusts were betrayed but most significantly and on the positive side too, wounds are getting healed, friendships reestablished and new friends being made. People naturally will express their passion and preferences but at the end, no one won but Arochukwu Kingdom triumphed. What bound us is stronger than what attempted to divide us. If Arochukwu triumphed, then we all triumphed. It was only the truth and consistency of the truth that has brought us to where we are today. That same truth will launch us into our desired and deserved position into the future. We must bequeath the truth to this and future generations of  Arochukwu anchored on truth, culture and godliness. 

3. My overwhelming reception by Umu Aro and my ascension to the throne of my fathers heralded a new dawn in the Kingdom. For the hurt and wounded, please forgive. For our people that felt humiliated and embarrassed,  it's no coincidence that the whole debacle eclipsed at a season of love as shown by our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, let us wear the armour of forgiveness and be united in love as we look hopefully into a glorious future for that is the surest way to ensure the development of our dear Kingdom. I have forgiven and I also seek for your forgiveness in all things towards the journey to the throne.

4. Late October, 2023, I released my pact with you with the acronym, EHATS meaning Education, Health, Agriculture, Technology and Security. We shall achieve these together with all stakeholders in the Kingdom through various Committees. Please be available when you are called upon to serve the kingdom. 

5. With God on our sides, the Eze Aro-In-Council will look into barrage of complaints from troubled Villages with a view to resolving them on basis of truth, justice, equity and fairness and when necessary employ our _ako bu ije_ philosophy. That is the only pathway to a sustainable Arochukwu Kingdom. 

6. Let me appreciate all Umu Aro for your giant strides in all areas of acceptable and legal human endeavours, God and Nde Ichie will continually make ways for you all. It's time to think home because finally, home is home. Let's practicalize _Aku ruo ulo_ concept. I salute our sons and daughters that has embraced this path and urge others to follow suit. This is unquestionably the best way to go as it comes with socioeconomic, sociocultural and sociopolitical benefits.

7. May I implore our Youths to leverage on EHATS towards making meaningful impacts. The Palace will always engage you through the Youths and Sports Unit. Eschew all vices capable of bringing your name, family and Arochukwu Kingdom into disrepute.  We shall sustain existing  sports competitions and  introduce new ones aimed at discovering talents and taking Youths out of crime. Consumption of hard and banned drugs and substances will only destroy you than develop you. We shall partner with relevant stakeholders to organize Security Summit in Arochukwu. Parents, religious leaders, Nde Eze Ogo and Schools are hereby called upon to join hands in moulding the character of our children.

8. May 2024 deliver your heart desires. May God crown our efforts with good success and may we never know a better yesterday. May Nde ichie help us to preserve our cultural heritage which has been the pillar of justice at all times. May our ancient landmarks which are our identity remain our pride. May God and Nde Ichie protect our performing Governor, Dr Alex Chioma Otti as he aims at developing our dear State of Abia. He and his aides need our Prayers. 

9. Thank you all and God bless Blessed Arochukwu Kingdom and friends of Arochukwu who stood by us in different divides leading to my colourful reception at Amaikpe Square on 29th December, 2023.

God bless us all.

His  Majesty Eze Godwin Kanu Idei Kanu Okoro Oke

 Eze Aro IX of Arochukwu Kingdom.

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