Hon. Chimereze Okoro Lauded by Rotary Club for Transformative Tax Technology In Abia State

Nnadozie Victor

In a commendable tribute to innovation and community impact, the Rotary Club of Umuahia presented Hon. Okeigbo Chimereze Okoro, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Internal Generated Revenue, with the prestigious Award of Excellent Vocational Service. This recognition celebrated his outstanding contributions marked by exemplary professionalism in technology integration and prudent financial management within the government.

The award ceremony, held on November 25, 2023, witnessed an extraordinary moment as the Rotary Club members, acknowledging Hon. Chimereze's pivotal role in transforming tax payment through technological advancements, chose to personally honor him at his residence on December 27. Their decision stemmed from Hon. Chimereze's unavoidable absence during the original event.

During the heartfelt interaction, former Rotary District Governor, Mrs. Grace Okaro, candidly shared her prior challenges in renewing her driver's license, recalling the cumbersome bureaucratic processes of the past. Expressing profound gratitude, she lauded Hon. Chimereze Okoro for simplifying tax payment methods in the state, eliminating the need for long queues and arduous waiting times experienced with manual tax collectors.

In a momentous appeal, the former South East Zonal President urged Hon. Chimereze to align himself with the Rotary Club, recognizing his vibrant energy and visionary spirit as invaluable assets. She underscored the necessity of bolstering the Arochukwu Rotary chapter's membership to enhance its influence in driving impactful developmental projects.

Rotarian Irem Okafor Kalu, President of the Umuahia Rotary Club, extended gratitude to Hon. Chimereze Okoro for fostering transparency in tax payment processes, attributing the prestigious award to the transformative changes witnessed in Abia State. He emphasized the rigorous selection criteria employed by the Rotary Club, underscoring the merit behind such recognitions.

Responding graciously, Hon. Chimereze expressed profound appreciation for the esteemed recognition, affirming his meticulous approach in accepting awards and organizations. He revealed his longstanding admiration for the Rotary Club, aligning their noble endeavors with his personal vision. Moreover, he highlighted his annual community event, the "Walk Against Drug Abuse," aimed at enlightening and dissuading Arochukwu's youth from harmful drug practices. The 2023 edition, slated for December 31st at Eze Kanu Oji Hall in Obinkita, will feature a quiz competition focused on combating drug abuse among secondary school students, promising a plethora of prizes.

In a touching moment, Hon. Chimereze and his wife were ceremonially initiated into the Rotary Club, adorned with the club's lapel (logo) in recognition of their commitment. He pledged unwavering dedication to community upliftment and expressed gratitude for the memorable initiation, including his friend Mazi Precious Chinatu in this significant moment.

The Rotary Club affirmed its commitment to collaborate with Hon. Chimereze Okoro in the "Walk Against Drug Abuse" initiative, aiming to amplify its reach and impact. They urged him to proudly represent the Rotary Club in his future endeavors, promising unwavering support and synergy.

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