The Unfolding Rift: Abia Government's Interference in Arochukwu's Tradition Stool, By Mazi Obi Oji

The tranquil landscape of Arochukwu Kingdom is trembling under the weight of political manipulation and an upheaval of long-held customs and traditions. The emergence of HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei as the rightfully crowned King (Eze) of Arochukwu Kingdom has sparked controversy and upheaval, casting shadows to the agent of cultural destablization in Arochukwu Kingdom.

At the heart of this turmoil stands Abia Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, whose involvement in the succession of the throne has raised eyebrows and stirred unrest among the people. Allegations swirl around his support for Pastor Nwamazi Eberechukwu Oji, purportedly aiming to disrupt the established customs and traditions of the Arochukwu Kingdom as the said Pastor Ebere is not traditionally qualified reason being he cannot rule over his living father.

The situation escalated when Pastor Nwamazi Eberechukwu Oji announced plans for a parallel coronation ceremony on December 26th, challenging the legitimacy of Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei's ascension to the throne. Conversely, the Aro community is preparing to formally receive and celebrate Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei to the entire Arochukwu Kingdom on December 24th, affirming his traditional qualification for the revered position and to inform the entire Aros that a king has emerged.

In a leaked conversation, purportedly from a meeting called by Governor Alex Otti on December 10th, 2023, shocking statements attributed to the Governor surfaced, revealing a blatant disregard for the cherished customs and traditions of Arochukwu Kingdom. The leaked conversation seen by Aro Okeigbo Blog contains assertions suggesting the Governor's intent to manipulate the throne succession to serve his interests.

Leaked Conversation between Governor Alex Otti and HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei in the presence of Nwamazi Prince Pastor Ebere Oji was mind blowing.

He reportedly said the following:

1. That he has blue blood as Okennachi, that even one day his children can be Eze Aro in future;

2. That he is comfortable, his wife don't do make up, his children is well to do, his son is in USA and his son is more qualified for any position in Aro;

3. That he as the governor can put anyone on the throne of Aro as Eze Aro, even if it is a mad man or a native doctor;

4. That he holds the ace, calls the shot and can do anything that pleases him. O ji Ji jidekwa mma;

5. That he will constitute a Special Committee that will select Eze Aro for Arochukwu Kingdom;

6. That I should know that Sanusi was dethroned in Kano, that he can do it in Aro and Abia State

7. That Sultan of Sokoto  was deposed and that he can divide Aro into parts and Aros cannot do anything.

8. That he don't care about culture and tradition, that he will destroy Aro culture and tradition, do anything he want to do in Arochukwu and nothing will happen.

9. That he will dethrone Eze Ibom Isii and nothing will happen.

10 That he was the one that asked the PG Nzuko Aro, Mazi Dozie Udensi to order Eze Ibom Isil to uncrown me within 48 hours.

11. That he is the one with Staff of Office and anyone he likes he will give it to

12. That from today Eze Godwin Kanu Idei should stop answering Eze Aro.

13. That I should cancel my scheduled Reception and Celebration Event billed for the 24th of December, 2023

14 The Governor frowned that i killed and shared cow for Nde Eze saying that i wasted money in that process

These reported statements attributed to Governor Alex Otti have not only startled the Arochukwu community but have also stirred widespread condemnation and apprehension among those who hold the cultural heritage of Arochukwu dear to their hearts. One only hopes that the listed points are not true but the content of the recommendation of the Committee setup by government and actions of Abia government in the coming days will confirm or deny the above. 

The implications of such interventions by political figures in the sacred traditions of a community as esteemed as Arochukwu cannot be understated. The potential erosion of centuries-old customs poses a threat not only to the cultural identity of the Arochukwu Kingdom but also to the unity and integrity of its people.

As the Aro community braces itself for these uncertain times, voices advocating for the preservation of their heritage grow louder. The imminent events scheduled for December serve as a pivotal moment for the Arochukwu Kingdom, where the clash between political influence and cultural heritage hangs in the balance.

The Arochukwu Kingdom stands at a crossroads, where the decisions made in the coming days will not only determine the future of its traditional governance but also shape the destiny of its cultural legacy.

Mazi Obi Oji 

Palace Media and Publicity Committee 

15th December, 2023.

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