ARO NEWS: Ibom Isii Youths Protest Against The Alleged Suspension of Eze Ibom Isii in Arochukwu

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In a remarkable display of unity and solidarity, youth delegates from the six vibrant villages that constitute the Ibom Isii kindred in Arochukwu, namely, Agbagwu, Amasu, Amukwa, Ibom, Ugwuakuma, and Ujari, took to the streets of Arochukwu on November 7, 2023, to protest against the alleged suspension of Eze Ibom Isii, Eze Kanu Nwa Kanu. The root cause of this dispute stemmed from Eze Kanu Nwa Kanu's coronation of Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei as the 9th King of Arochukwu Kingdom.

Arochukwu, a place rich in history and culture, has been in the spotlight lately due to a controversial leadership transition that has caused ripples throughout the community. The youth delegates, brandishing placards with powerful messages, raised their voices in support of Eze Kanu Nwa Kanu and to emphasize their belief that the Arochukwu Traditional Stool should remain untouched by external influences, particularly the Abia State Government.

The heart of their protest centered on preserving Arochukwu's status as a kingdom and not an autonomous community subject to government interference in their time-honored traditions. The young protesters conveyed a clear message: Arochukwu's leadership, particularly the esteemed Eze Aro stool, should not be a pawn in political settlements, and its sanctity must be upheld.

Placards with Powerful Messages

During the spirited demonstration, the youth delegates carried placards bearing a range of messages to express their concerns and demands. These messages were seen on the placards:

 "Only Ibom Isii Villages Can Suspend Eze Ibom Isii! Hands Off!"

"Fake Suspension: Respect Tradition! Eze Ibom Isii Stands Strong!"

"Our Eze, Our Choice! No One Suspends Eze Ibom Isii!"

"Ibom Isii Villages Decide, Not Outsiders! Protect Our Culture!"

"Unity in Diversity: Support Eze Ibom Isii's Rightful Position!"

"Fake News, Real Eze! No Suspension Without Village Consent!"

"Eze Ibom Isii – The Voice of Our Heritage! Uphold Tradition!"

"Hands Off Eze Ibom Isii: Only We Decide Our Leadership!"

"No Authority Can Usurp Our Tradition! We Stand with Eze Ibom Isii!"

 "Defend Our Chief, Protect Our Values! Hands Off Eze Ibom Isii!"

These powerful messages on the placards carried by the youth delegates vividly encapsulated their resolve to preserve the cultural and traditional integrity of Arochukwu and to safeguard the Eze Aro stool from external influence.

The protest signifies a growing movement among the youth and traditional leaders to protect their heritage and assert their rights in the face of external pressures. As the situation continues to unfold, the voices of the Ibom Isii villagers and their supporters remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving Arochukwu's rich cultural traditions and ensuring that its leadership remains in the hands of the people.

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