Profile for TACSFON (The Apostolic Church Students Fellowship of Nigeria, AE-FUNAI Chapter)

Organization Name:
TACSFON (The Apostolic Church Students Fellowship of Nigeria), AE-FUNAI Chapter

Tagline: A Place of Vision and Power Where Everyone is Equal


TACSFON AE-FUNAI is a non-denominational fellowship renowned for fostering a community of equality and empowerment. Our mission is to support and mentor students, particularly aspirants of Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI). We offer free mentorship programs every year, sponsored by our media unit, AE-FUNAI TACSFON TV. Join us for spiritual growth, academic support, and a sense of belonging.

Key Services:

- Free Mentorship for AE-FUNAI Aspirants

- Spiritual Guidance and Fellowship

- Academic Support and Counseling

- Media Outreach through AE-FUNAI TACSFON TV

Key Messages:

- Vision and Power: Empowering students with spiritual and academic guidance.

- Equality: Creating an inclusive environment where everyone is valued.

- Mentorship: Annual free mentorship programs for AE-FUNAI aspirants.

- Media Presence: Engaging content and updates through AE-FUNAI TACSFON TV.

Contact Information:

  • WhatsApp: 09015660914
  • Facebook Page: AE-FUNAI TACSFON

SEO Keywords:


- AE-FUNAI Students Fellowship

- Apostolic Church Students Fellowship of Nigeria

- AE-FUNAI Mentorship Programs

- Non-Denominational Student Fellowship


- Free Mentorship for University Aspirants

- Student Fellowship Nigeria

Social Media and Online Presence:


YouTube: AE-FUNAI TACSFON TV (consider creating and optimizing a YouTube channel for broader reach)

Video Content:

   - Interviews with successful AE-FUNAI alumni

   - Mentorship session highlights

   - Inspirational messages and sermons

   - Behind-the-scenes of AE-FUNAI TACSFON activities

Social Media Engagement:

   - Regular updates and interactive posts on the Facebook page

   - Community building activities like Q&A sessions on WhatsApp

   - Live streaming of fellowship events and mentorship sessions

Local SEO Tactics:

- Register on local business directories and educational forums.

- Engage with local community groups and educational institutions online.

- Use location-based keywords such as "AE-FUNAI student fellowship" and "Alex Ekwueme Federal University mentorship" to improve local search rankings.

Performance Metrics:

- Website traffic and engagement metrics

- Number of mentorship program participants

- Growth in social media followers and engagement rates

- Feedback and testimonials from students and aspirants


To become the leading student fellowship at AE-FUNAI, recognized for our commitment to equality, empowerment, and academic excellence through comprehensive mentorship and spiritual guidance.

Call to Action:

Join us at TACSFON AE-FUNAI to embark on a journey of vision, power, and equality. Contact us on WhatsApp at 09015660914 or visit our Facebook page at AE-FUNAI TACSFON for more information and updates.

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