Ego Bekee Football Academy Begins Recruitment of Female Academians, Unveils Website for Swift Registration/Contact

Ego Bekee Football Academy, a reputable football academy in Arochukwu L.G.A with a notable track record of giant strides in the world of football, has commenced the recruitment of female football enthusiasts. These enthusiasts will be trained in football, computer literacy, and other handiworks to empower young children passionate about football but lacking the necessary environment and support to thrive.

The CEO, Mazi Ndubuisi Udenyi, during a courtesy visit by the staff of Aro Okeigbo Blog, revealed that his mission is to create an enabling environment to train football enthusiasts. With years of coaching experience in the world of football in America and other parts of the world, he aims to replicate such success in his hometown of Arochukwu.

Mazi Ndubuisi expressed concern about the rate of drug abuse among young people in Arochukwu. One of the reasons for establishing the academy in Arochukwu is to engage youths and children in meaningful activities to deter them from early-stage drug abuse. He noted that the academy's academians, after being trained, could be scouted by bigger state, national, or international teams, depending on their skills. With his wealth of contacts, he emphasized that the academy offers scholarship opportunities, including an ongoing program where academians are enrolled in a computer training program alongside their football training.

Mazi Ndubuisi encouraged parents to enroll their children/wards in the academy, highlighting the few available slots remaining. The academy's students train on Tuesdays and Saturdays every week at 4pm. For more information, visit their official website at

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