Staff Protest at Abia State College of Education Escalates, COEASU Chairman Slumps During The Process

The protest at the Abia State College of Education took a dramatic turn today as the demonstrators extended their march from the college premises to the Local Government Headquarters of Arochukwu. There, they met with the Local Government Chairman, who also serves as the mayor, to address their grievances. The protesters, consisting of both academic and non-academic staff, reiterated their demand for the implementation of CONPCASS/CONTEDISS salary structures and the payment of 26 months of salary arrears.

During the meeting with the Local Government Chairman, Mr. Egesi Kevin, the Chairman of the College of Education Academic Staff Union (COEASU), reportedly collapsed, possibly due to hunger or other health issues. He was immediately rushed to the Arochukwu General Hospital and later transferred to a hospital in Umuahia for further treatment.

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Despite this incident, the protesting workers remained resolute and proceeded to the Arochukwu Regional Police Station to seek further intervention. The D.P.O of Arochukwu Police Station assured the protesters that their message would be conveyed to Governor Alex Otti, whom they believe is sympathetic to their cause. The protesters emphasized that they had supported Governor Otti in the 2023 Governorship election with the hope that he would address their grievances.

Subsequently, the protesters visited the Department of State Services (D.S.S) Office in Arochukwu, where officials acknowledged the urgency of their situation and promised to communicate with the appropriate authorities promptly. As the protest continues to escalate, it is becoming increasingly urgent for Governor Alex Otti to intervene and address the long-standing issue to prevent further suffering among the college staff.



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