Abia State College Of Education In A Dying State: An Urgent Call For The Governor To Intervene

In the wake of a recent investigative visit to Abia State College of Education, a renowned media outlet has uncovered numerous concerning anomalies demanding immediate attention. The college, besieged by irregularities, notably implicates the newly appointed provost and his administration. These irregularities include the employment of seven individuals from Umuahia without official endorsement, nepotistic appointments, lax disciplinary measures leading to staff absenteeism, allegations of misappropriation, halting of critical projects, neglect of infrastructure, and protesting staff with unpaid salary arrears. Urgent intervention from Governor Alex Chioma Otti is called for to address these issues and safeguard the institution's future. On several occasions, Aro Okeigbo Blog has attempted to reach the newly appointed provost to inquire about his plans and policies for the college, but these efforts have proven abortive as he is not always in school. 
Readers are encouraged to read the detailed report below for a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

1. Unapproved Employment Practices: The provost of the college has reportedly employed seven individuals from Umuahia without government approval. These individuals hold positions such as S.A/P.A on infrastructure, I.C.T, S.A/P.A on various roles, which has added to the cost of running the college. Furthermore, these employees are said to only come to work on the days when the provost visits from Umuahia, raising questions about their actual contribution to the college.

2. Nepotism and Unqualified Appointments: The provost's appointment of his brother as the Tetfund Desk Officer, a position for which he is allegedly unqualified, has raised serious concerns. His brother, who is a junior staff and has not held any administrative position before, was appointed, leaving his lecturer's position vacant. This act undermines the college's academic standards and raises questions about the provost's motives.

3. Disciplinary Issues: There is a lack of discipline among staff, leading to absenteeism. Additionally, the provost's office and staff offices are reportedly only open when the provost visits, indicating a lack of accountability and transparency in the management of the college.

4. Illegal Activities: There are allegations that the provost has been exporting palm fruits from the college for processing in Umuahia. This raises concerns about the misuse of college resources and the lack of oversight in the management of the college. The provost has also abandoned the Agricultural Department, which is supposed to harvest these palm fruits, process them, and make a report to the college management.

5. Halting of Projects: Ongoing Tetfund projects, including fencing and renovation of school gates, have been halted due to the lack of funds released by the provost. This has led to a deterioration in the college's infrastructure and facilities.

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6. Poor Maintenance: The college premises are now dirty and bushy, with grass overgrowth and infestation by snakes and scorpions. This poses a serious health and safety risk to staff and students.

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7. Lack of Peace: There is no peace in the college, as the provost has not addressed the protesting staff over their unpaid salary arrears. This has created a tense and hostile work environment.

8. Previous Inaction: The protesting staff did not carry out the protest during the tenure of the PDP, which owed them these arrears and salary, suggesting that the current issues are within the purview of the current administration.

In light of these disturbing revelations, we urgently call on Governor Alex Chioma Otti to intervene and address these issues. The Abia State College of Education plays a vital role in the community, and its continued deterioration will have far-reaching consequences. Immediate action is needed to restore order and ensure the well-being of all stakeholders involved.

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