Mass Defection: Ifeanyi Ogbonna Leads 3,000 APGA Members to APC

Nnadozie Victor


In a significant political shift, over 3,000 members and supporters of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) from Arochukwu local government area of Abia State have switched allegiance to the All Progressives Congress (APC). This move marks a substantial defection from APGA to APC, indicating a notable change in the political landscape of the region.

The catalyst for this mass defection was Ifeanyi Elvis Ogbonna, who had been APGA's flagbearer for the Arochukwu constituency seat in the 2023 elections. Ogbonna, along with executive committee members of APGA in Arochukwu LGA, led the charge into the APC fold. Their decision to switch parties was motivated by a desire to align themselves with the vision and agenda of the ruling APC, particularly under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The announcement of this defection was made at a well-attended event held at the Arochukwu local government headquarters over the weekend. During his address, Ogbonna emphasized the collective decision of himself and his supporters to join APC, citing it as a strategic move in their political journey. He expressed confidence in the leadership of the APC and articulated their commitment to contributing to the party's objectives.

Ogbonna highlighted the importance of their decision, portraying it as a wise choice in advancing their political careers and aligning with the prevailing political tides. He assured the leadership of the APC in Abia State of their dedication to bringing tangible development and progress to the region, as well as the wider Nigerian populace.

Furthermore, Ogbonna pledged to work collaboratively with existing APC members to propel the party's agenda forward. He emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation within the party, underlining his commitment to fostering a cohesive and inclusive environment within APC.

In response to this influx of new members, Chief Offor Okorie, the State Publicity Secretary of APC, extended a warm welcome to the defectors. He assured them of equal treatment and opportunities within the party, emphasizing the importance of a level playing field in decision-making processes.

The defection of over 3,000 APGA members to APC represents a significant political realignment in Arochukwu LGA and Abia State at large. It underscores the shifting dynamics within the state's political landscape and signals a strengthening of APC's presence in the region.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, the repercussions of this mass defection are likely to reverberate beyond Arochukwu LGA, influencing the broader political trajectory of Abia State. With the addition of these new members, APC stands poised to further consolidate its position and influence in the region, setting the stage for potentially transformative developments in the state's political arena.

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