"Unveiling the Shadow of Ascension: A Critical Examination of Nwamazi Pastor Eberechukwu's Claim to the Eze of Arochukwu"

In a recent commentary penned by Uzoma Nwosu, descendant of Nwosu Kanu, the eldest son of Kanu Okereke Eze (The Ibom isi), the legitimacy of Nwamazi Pastor Eberechukwu's ascension to the title of Eze Arochukwu is called into question. Nwosu's articulate critique highlights a perceived descent into desperation and shame on the part of Eberechukwu, who is accused of resorting to underhanded tactics to allegedly secure this position.

The commentary raises poignant questions about the necessity of Eberechukwu's claim to the Eze of Arochukwu kingdom, particularly in light of alleged maneuvers such as enlisting the aid of Amos Ngwu, a commoner from Ibom. The utilization of Ngwu and the purported circumvention of established procedures are condemned as unbecoming of someone professing to uphold principles of integrity and righteousness of christainity.

Furthermore, Nwosu's commentary casts doubt on the moral foundation of Eberechukwu's actions, particularly in relation to his professed Christian faith. The commentary challenges Eberechukwu to reconcile his purported beliefs with the discord and bitterness that his actions have allegedly sown within the Arochukwu community.

In addition, attention is drawn to the role of Amos Ngwu, who is implicated in the controversy surrounding Eberechukwu's ascension. Nwosu points to what is perceived as Ngwu's opportunistic involvement and questions the basis of his authority to assume such a position, especially in light of his purported lack of familial ties to Kanu Okereke Eze.

Ultimately, the commentary serves as a call for accountability and introspection, urging Nwamazi Pastor Eberechukwu and his supporters to confront the bitterness and division that have arisen as a result of his contested leadership.

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My name is Uzoma Nwosu  

Daughter of Nwosu Kanu, 1st son of Kanu Okereke Eze

 (The Ibom isi).

Mr Ebere Joshua

We woke up to the Embarrassment you called crown

How more desperate can you be?

How did you degenerate to this low level to be crowned as Eze Arochukwu?

What a shame and desperation!

Must you become the Eze of  Arochukwu kingdom?

Do you have to go as far as renting a commoner Amos Ngwu in Ibom after lbom said you refused you space

You moved Amos Ngwu to Oroo with security men so you can wear a crown.

The hijacked procedures you took is it what your bible taught you?

The confusion and bitterness you are Crippling in Arochukwu ls it scriptural 

As a Christian or Pastor you claiming, if you are a good one and leave in fear of the Lord you should have given peace a chance in Arochukwu.

Amos Ngwu

How much were you paid?

2023 Dec.you sneaked into Nwosu Kanu house to see his sons. this Jan Oti called you for the repair of flowers in the compound you planted. You lied to him you went for your uncle's burial who was previously tipped for this job but died last week

What right do you have to stand in that capacity? 

Do you have a blood relationship with Kanu Okereke Eze

Kanu Okereke Eze survived with sound children, grandchildren and Cousins.

Mr Ebere Joshua, hope you and your supporters manage this bitterness you now introduced

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