Old Bende Forum Stands Firm With Dr. Nto Against Abia State Recovery Panel's Seizure of His Official Car

In a resolute stance against potential victimization, the Old Bende Stakeholders Forum has called for justice and fairness in the proceedings of the Abia State Panel on Recovery of Government Property. The forum, while acknowledging the importance of the panel in safeguarding government assets, has raised concerns about its potential misuse as a tool for political intimidation.

During a solidarity visit to Dr. Philips Nto, the immediate Provost of Abia State College of Education, Technical, Arochukwu, Chief Charles Ogbonnaya, the leader of the Old Bende Forum, emphasized the need for the panel to adhere strictly to its terms of reference. He commended Governor Dr. Alex Otti's initiative in establishing the panel but expressed regret over reports suggesting its exploitation for settling political scores.

Chief Ogbonnaya, a seasoned statesman and former Commissioner in the state, urged the governor to ensure that the panel operates transparently and without bias. He voiced concerns over the treatment of Dr. Philips Nto, noting that the panel's order to seize the official vehicle, a legitimate entitlement, raised eyebrows.

During the visit, Chief Ogbonnaya highlighted the significant contributions of Dr. Philips Nto during his tenure as Provost, stressing that such a distinguished individual should be treated with respect. Despite the challenges, he commended Dr. Nto for promptly complying with the panel's directive to surrender his official vehicle, showcasing a commitment to lawfulness.

Dr. Philips Nto, in response, expressed gratitude to the Old Bende Forum for their solidarity. He affirmed his integrity and commitment to serving the state with the utmost dedication. Dr. Nto assured the forum that he would willingly submit himself to any investigation, provided the terms of reference were clear and aimed at upholding justice rather than humiliation.

Acknowledging the spirit of patriotism, Dr. Nto reiterated his cooperation with the panel for the greater interest of peace and development in the state. He emphasized his decision to release the official car without contesting the order in court as a testament to his dedication to the rule of law.

As the controversy surrounding the Abia State Panel on Recovery of Government Property unfolds, the Old Bende Stakeholders Forum's demand for justice resonates, advocating for a fair and unbiased approach to governance in the state. The spotlight remains on the panel's proceedings, with a call for transparency and adherence to its intended purpose.

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