ARO NEWS: Barr. Oscar Okoro, Mazi Chijioke Okoro, Others Emerges New Excos Of Aggrey Alumni Association

Nnadozie Victor

The 31st of December marked a significant event in the annals of the Aggrey Memorial College Arochukwu as the Alumni Association gathered for their much-anticipated 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the esteemed Abner Hall. This pivotal assembly was not only a platform for deliberations on pressing issues but also witnessed the pivotal election of new officials set to steer the course of the Alumni Association.

The meeting commenced with fervor and enthusiasm as members convened to address various pertinent matters concerning the Association's future trajectory. Among the pivotal agenda items was the election of officials who would shoulder the responsibility of guiding the Alumni Association in the upcoming term. The election process culminated in the selection of a capable and dedicated cohort of individuals to spearhead the Association's initiatives:

1. Barr. Oscar Chukwuma Okoro - President

2. Ada Ukwu Cordelia Okereke - 1st Vice President

3. ⁠Dr. Micheal Oji - 2nd Vice President 

4. Mazi Chima Okereke - National Secretary

5. Mazi Victus Ugorji - Assistant Secretary

6. Mazi Chijioke Okoro - Treasurer

7. Mazi Engr. Ezuma - Financial Secretary

8. Mazi Uche Oti - Provost

9. Comrade Victor Nnadozie - Public Relations Officer (PRO)

The newly elected officials, each with their distinctive expertise and commitment to the institution, were sworn into office. The oath-taking ceremony, a solemn and pivotal moment, was gracefully conducted by Prof. Mike Oti, an esteemed alumnus of the college and a member of the Board of Trustees (B.O.T). Prof. Oti's guidance added an aura of reverence to the occasion as the incoming executives pledged their dedication and service to the Alumni Association.

Following the formalities, Barr. Oscar Chukwuma Okoro, the newly elected President, took to the podium to express gratitude on behalf of the newly constituted leadership. In his acceptance speech, Barr. Okoro extended heartfelt appreciation to the Alumni Association for the honor bestowed upon him to serve as the President-General, recognizing the immense responsibility that comes with such a prestigious position.

He acknowledged the foundational support and mentorship provided by Mazi Emmanuel Okoro Egbukwu, the outgoing president, under whose administration he had served as the Secretary-General. Barr. Okoro credited Egbukwu for nurturing his capacities and laying the groundwork for his ascent to the presidency.

The President shared a poignant personal anecdote, citing his late father's unwavering belief in the Aggrey Memorial College, which led him to enroll in the institution, abandoning his previous abode in Abakaliki for Arochukwu. He revealed his father's profound admiration for agriculture, which influenced his decision due to the presence of "Agric" in the college's name. This connection further fueled his dedication to give back to the institution that had shaped countless lives.

Expressing gratitude for the esteemed presence of distinguished alumni such as Professor Okoro Ijoma, Professor Mike Oti, and Mazi Sir Chikwe Udensi, Barr. Okoro highlighted their unwavering support and vowed to honor their trust.

The President concluded his speech by expressing unwavering confidence in his fellow executives, recognizing their competence and commitment to their respective roles even prior to their election. He reiterated his determination to work collaboratively towards the betterment of the Alumni Association and the broader Aggrey Memorial College community.

The AGM culminated in a promising note, heralding a new era of leadership and dedication within the Alumni Association, propelled by the vision and determination of the newly elected officials under the stewardship of President Barr. Oscar Chukwuma Okoro.

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