Eze Aro Visits Ngene Okwe Amoba Calls for Restoration of The River's Past Glory Days

In a poignant revisit to his childhood memories, HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei Kanu Okoro Oke, the Eze Of Arochukwu Kingdom, undertook a familiarization visit to the Ngene Okwe of Amoba Village in Arochukwu. The visit carried a nostalgic sentiment for the Eze, evoking recollections of his youthful days when the river held significance in his life.

During a conversation with Aro Okeigbo Blog correspondents, the Eze reminisced about the days when the Ngene Okwe River served as both a recreational spot and a source of essential water for his late mother. He expressed concern over the present state of the river, noting its drastic deterioration from the thriving, albeit fearsome, waterbody of his youth.

When he talked to Aro Okeigbo Blog, he said that the river used to be a bit scary because people thought some parts were dangerous. But now, it's in a bad state. Nobody's taking care of it, so the sand and dirt are making the water go away. The river looks different now; you can see the ground at the bottom.

In contrast to the past, where the river's formidable reputation deterred exploration into certain areas to avert potential accidents, the Eze observed a stark transformation. The neglect of regular maintenance, evident in the lack of cleaning and sand drainage, has led to a visible decline in the river's condition. The riverbed, once concealed beneath water, is now exposed, a testament to the river's current state.

Using the media platform, the Eze passionately appealed to the collective responsibility of all sons and daughters of Amoba to embark on an initiative aimed at restoring Ngene Okwe River to its former glory. Despite the rising prevalence of boreholes, he emphasized the irreplaceable value of natural rivers, underscoring the cultural and communal significance they hold.

Expressing his joy and revitalization after the long-overdue visit, the Eze highlighted the emotional and cultural importance of preserving natural heritage, urging immediate action to revive the Ngene Okwe River's splendor.

The Eze wants everyone from Amoba to join hands and help make the Ngene Okwe River beautiful again. Even though there are boreholes now, he thinks natural rivers like this one are really special and shouldn’t be forgotten.

After visiting the river, he felt happy and full of energy, but he also wants everyone to work together to bring back the river's old beauty.

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