Road To Crowning A New Eze Aro - A Response From The Palace To Ernie Onwumere Claims

Nnadozie Victor

Reading through the struggles of Mazi Ernie Onwumere to justify the illegality only reminds one the burden of truth and integrity. The Ugwuaro title of Mazi Ernie has become questionable openly because as the then Secretary General Nzuko Aro, Ernie simply added his name to the list of the Award  recipients (You may wish to confirm from those who served with him). This is a sad reminder of how scarce truth can be and sadly the rot in our society, that one will begin to wonder the legacies that such men shall bequeath to the younger generation. 

We shall not dissipate energy but rather dwell on issues he raised. 

1. Ernie told us on paragraph 5 that on 21st August, 2021, an 8 man Committee was inaugurated but he didn't inform us that Mazi Lawson Obasi (SOBAZ) was the Chairman and he also didn't tell us why Mazi Sobaz quit the Committee. Umu Aro MUST have your update on that. 

2. On paragraph 5 under background subtopic, Mazi Ernie clearly stated the “Terms of Reference” of the Committee as inaugurated on 21st August, 2023. According to him, the Committee is to "INTERACT with the Princes to BROKER peace and CREATE the atmosphere to HELP the Princes come up with a solution on HOW to give Aro an Eze." The mandate was short, clear and unambiguous and certainly does not include:

a. Selection; and

b. Election.

We were not told the Committee went back to seek for fresh mandate of selection and election.  

My brother Ernie, will it be right to state that the said Committee appropriated *right* they never had? If you can agree with us on this that  means all their elections were nullity as you can't build something on nothing. 

3. You reported that the ballot papers were torn at some point when the election proposal was rejected and other non-committee members sent out leaving the Committee members ONLY. The time between when the others were asked to step out for selection (not election) and when the illegal election held was 20 minutes interval. Having torn the 7 ballot papers and apparently destroyed the ballot boxes:

a. Why did the Committee lie about selection and suddenly announced result from the election. 

b. Candidates were not informed formally of election and suddenly result emerged. 

c.  Who inspected the ballot box and papers? 

d.  How can you conduct credible elections without agents of the candidates being present? 

4. Ernie reported that Mazi Emma Ivi stepped down voting 😂😂😂. There's no saint here, out of 8 members with Sobaz quitting, the remaining becomes odd number suitable for such situation, why should Mazi Ivi step down from voting leaving 6 persons (that part is not properly rehearsed but meant to exonerate Mazi Ivi from any further blame (The Wise One). 

The Committee set up did not include the Otusi Bianko and Amaja. You don't change goalpost at the peak of scoring. Their inclusion invalidated the whole essence of the Committee. It will therefore be trite to conclude that the Committee completely failed by playing outside the marked portion of the pitch. The Bianko and Amaja had no business voting and not even selection as it were. 

5. HRM Eze Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei Kanu Okoro Oke objected to the election result because they were not told there was going to be election which was the reason for destroying the ballot papers. Who's fooling who? Mazi, that your credible Committee was clever by half having predetermined mindset hence they’re the ones creating the whole media noise with boys/men in Aro platforms and using government to harass traditional institutions in Aro. Nwamazi Ebere Eni Kanu Oji should have been the one complaining instead. Why cry more than the bereaved????????

Remember, HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei after objecting to the sudden election challenged the Committee that to uphold the truth and sanctity of our tradition, let him and Nwamazi Pastor Ebere go to Awada Aro, remove their shoes, pour libation but Pastor Ebere vehemently objected to this and exclaimed God forbid God forbid the ancestors? Is it a taboo?  (When you want to be Nationally gazetted/recognized Traditional Ruler and not General Overseer) is it not the best way to verify facts and truth in Arochukwu?  They didn't rehearse their fraud scene well and they didn't act well too. 

6. At this point, Nde Aro must be told the mind game played by Mazi Ivi. “Mazi Emma Ivi promised then Prince Godwin Kanu Idei that he will be made the next Eze Aro because it is really their turn while urging him to come back from oversees. Prince Godwin Kanu Idei told him that he doesn't want any manipulation because he want to be an Eze Aro that will emerge on merit and accepted by people”. 

The Committee left their core mandate and started indicating interest in preferred candidates. HRM refused to play ball but insisted on transparent process. Let the Committee publish the Committee Report and Recommendation. For avoidance of doubt, we have report of the Reommendations as read out during the meeting.

7. Mazi Ernie goofed and was indisputably blindfolded when he stated that Nnachi was alive when Oke was Eze. Never true. Oke wasn't King. He became King when his father Nnachi died. It's disheartening that a man with Ugwuaro title can be paid to twist incontrovertible facts for pecuniary interest just to belong. Ebere is Nwamazi  Never justify psychological rascality and disorderly indulgence to satisfy your paymaster. 

8. In a web of confusion and self contradiction, Okennachi PG, Mazi Udo Chijioke's first letter to PG, Nzuko Aro, Mazi Dozie Udensi he blatantly lied that there was no election. If he deny it, we shall re-publish the letter because it's in public domain. Mazi Ivi also lied along the line that there was no election. In another letter chronicling his failed exploitative narrative, Mazi Udo Chijioke accepted there was election which was clearly beyond his mandate . Let Mazi Udo Chijioke and Mazi Emma Ivi who supervised the impunity publish the voting pattern and ballot papers since it was only 7 persons. Umu will be glad to know. 

8. May we appreciate our dear brother and writer Mazi Ernie Onwumere for correcting Mazi Udo Chijioke's baseless letter which claimed that the action of Eze Ibom Isii crowning HRM Eze Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei Kanu Okoro Oke was ritual and not ceremonial. Perhaps you need to conduct induction classes for him and his likes. 

Having alluded to the above, the heros of the well deserved crowning are Eze Ibom Isii, HRH Eze Kanu Nwa Kanu and Eze Eze Agwu , HRH Eze Okoroafor Uroh Okoroafor. They stood against financial inducements, they rejected manipulations and threats and they showed Aro love and commitment by doing the right things than falling to name droppings by relevance seeking jobbers. 

9. However, away from his boring write-up, our brother Mazi Ernie deserve some knocks on bare head whenever he scrape his Afro over his calamitous campaign that the picture of Prince Obiora Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro and HRM Eze Godwin Kanu Idei Kanu Okoro Oke snapped on Saturday 28th October,2023 at Arochukwu was not only photoshop but old picture. Mazi that picture is real as HRM have no time for your negative assumptions. _The foto scatter u abi_ 😂😂🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️. Again and Again, Prince Obiora Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro has endorsed HRM Eze Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei Kanu Okoro Oke Nnachi as the 9th Eze of Arochukwu Kingdom. It's verifiable. The Final Palace score line is: 

 HRM 2:1 Pastor Ebere

......God win but Godwin won.....

10. Finally, Mazi Ernie Onwumere and Teammates should choose and keep their utterances short and simple with a view to infusing themselves back to the fold in due time. For us, his sins are forgiven and let him go and sin no more. Mazi don't be a merchant of hatchet jobs and willing tool of destabilization. Your dignity and respect earned over time is on the brinks of crashing. 

There's no vacancy at the Palace at this time. The crowning have been completed and the chosen one is a candidate of Almighty God and Nd’ichie Aro. 

We challenge you or anyone in your camp that instead of these cheap tirades, let Prince  Pastor Ebere Joshua Eni Oji, All Committee members, Okennachi PG and Mazi Nkem Okoro be available to go to Awada Aro. HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei Kanu Okoro Oke is available, willing and ready to present himself and let the gods of our land decide as their judgments are not same as man. 

It's either you accept this ritual challenge or forever hold your peace. We need peace at the Palace and the Kingdom. Mazi bring your ideas and thoughts to HRM. He's accommodating and operates open door policy. He listen to people and is willing to engage Umu Aro (Please refer to his Policy Trust Document). 

May we appreciate our own dear brother Ernie for attempting in his endeavor while hoping that he will at this auspicious time bury his part 2 which will never be far from this forever and ever, Amen.

.....where 💕 are true, few words do..... 

 Palace Media Team

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