Eze Aro, Eze Ibom Isii And Eze, Eze Agwu Summons Aro Youths Warms Them Of Being Involved In Any Other Crowning Aside From The One They Have Done


In a monumental event on October 20th, 2023, Arochukwu Kingdom witnessed the coronation of HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei as its 9th king. This significant occasion unfolded at the Ogo Ibom where delegates from the Ibom Isii villages gathered to witness the crowning, resonating deeply with the kingdom's rich heritage and traditions.

Later, on November 26th, 2023, three esteemed Eze's in the Kingdom, HRH Dr. Kanu Nwa Kanu, HRH Eze Okoroafor Uroh, and HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei, addressed the youth from the 19 villages comprising the kingdom. Their collective message emphasized on recognizing HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei as the legitimate king of Arochukwu Kingdom. They cautioned against misinformation, urging the youth to support the recognized king and maintain integrity to preserve the kingdom's esteemed image.

The Eze's underlined their pivotal role in any coronation within the kingdom, emphasizing the invalidity of any crowning ceremony without their involvement, as such crowning is not recognized and symbolizes disrespect to the customs and traditions of the Arochukwu Kingdom which the kingdom was built upon.

Concerns arose regarding Nwamazi Pastor Eberechukwu Oji, who is said to have some political backings from the present Abia Government, who aimed to acquire the Arochukwu Traditional Stool with money. His expressed disregard for significant cultural symbols raised fears of eroding the kingdom's heritage. Plans to abolish revered customs like the Ekpo Masquerade and transform the Ikeji Festival into a church crusade added to the growing concerns where Ikeji Festival will be a gathering where Aros gather to end their long started praying and fasting with yam.

Informations surfaced of Pastor Uma Ukpai, an Ohafia known Pastor, being the one who will be crowning Nwamazi Pastor Eberechukwu Oji. The Ezes swiftly opposed this interference, labeling it disrespectful and urging the Ohafia council of Ndi Eze to warn their son from involvement in Arochukwu's internal affairs, as it has never occurred before in the history of Arochukwu Kingdom that one whose father is still alive will be made king. They vowed that Pastor Uma Ukpai will never go unpunished if he dares to step his foot in the Aro Kingdom to crown Pastor Eberechukwu. They questioned if he has not seen where it is written in the bible, "Give Caesar what belongs to him and Give God what also belongs to him" as these two beings are different beings with different purposes.

The Eze's made instances where Pastor Eberechukwu threatened in the past of Cutting down the Ukwu Ovor and sending spiritual thugs to pull down the Ulo Nta of The Various Arochukwu Kingdom. They frowned at Pastor Eberechukwu refusal to go to the ancestral temple (Awada Aro) to perform the traditional rites of the Eze Aro and from they prove himself the rightful owner of the crown. They urged the Youths not involve themselves in any other purported crowning of any other person aside from HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei, as such involvement will not only attract the wrath of the gods but kills faster than bomb.

The Ezes used the opportunity to plead with the Youths not to join those spreading fake news of Arochukwu being an autonomous community as such thing never existed.

Responding to the looming threats, the youth adamantly disavowed any association with the alleged coronation of Nwamazi Pastor Eberechukwu Oji. Their pledge signified a staunch commitment to safeguarding their cherished heritage and traditions.

As HRM Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei assumed the mantle of kingship amidst these challenges, the unity and determination of Arochukwu's youth stood as a resolute force. Their unwavering commitment symbolized a determined stance against threats to the kingdom's heritage, safeguarding the sanctity of their cherished customs amidst the tempest of cultural change.

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