EZE AROSHIP: The Crown And The Worries


In the past days, it has been all stories of who is qualified and who is not. We find ourselves engaged in constant disputes to uphold cultural traditions that have not significantly contributed to our progress as a people over the years. We struggle abroad and when we come home to meet peace, it still remains the same arguments. In all this, no one seems to be asking the fundamental questions, such as

1. How does the Eze Aro contribute to the realisation of a prosperous Arochukwu kingdom? 

2. How does the vision of a coronated Eze Aro align with the overall vision of the kingdom?

3. How has culture changed and what progressive effects does our culture have on us? 

4. In what ways did our ancestors succeed or falter, and how can we reshape our history?

5. What is the Arochukwu dream?

Someone who is unaware of where their troubles began will struggle to identify where they ended. This translated Igbo adage carries particular significance in the context of a long-standing dispute over a monarchical throne. It suggests a forward-looking and constructive perspective. The current situation may appear politically savvy for those involved, but have we taken the time to contemplate where this is headed in the long run?

We have warmly welcomed education, modern conveniences, and various other innovations brought to us by the “white main”. Educational qualifications have even become a significant factor in selecting the next Eze Aro. However, it is often considered a no-go-area to talk about the effects of the long standing "Ovor" system that will become a bane in the selection process of the heir to the throne.

Arochukwu, much like the Igbo people, has a rich heritage and potential for greatness, albeit primarily in theory and discussions. What steps can we take to firmly establish our prominent position within the broader Igbo community? We have little to no influence in the realm of Abia politics, and regrettably, our numerical presence holds little significance. (Ana aza n’ulo ama mma apu n’ama).

The leadership of a people reflects the identity of the people. The ongoing narratives regarding the Eze's coronation have grown wearisome, constant counterattacks and PR propaganda and campaigns. People are taking sides to further their own interests. What we may not realize is that government policies alone can potentially erode the traditions we claim to be defending.

We must wake up and face reality.

While civility may have its drawbacks, we cannot deny that we have embraced a significant portion of it, and it has become a solid cornerstone in shaping our collective decision-making as a people.

It is imperative that we set aside our egos and strategically align ourselves with the government's objectives to secure a favorable future for Arochukwu kingdom. We must align and strengthen ourselves to be politically relevant. The goal is for the prosperity of the great Aro Okeigbo. I am tired of being referred to as the wiseman from the east when we are yet to witness wise choices that substantiate such claims.

Our existence is slowly diminishing, and unless we exercise caution, all this avoidable turmoil could result in a division that future generations might find impossible to comprehend in the annals of our history. Our wisdom isn't demonstrated by merely advocating for what's right or wrong; it's revealed by consistently making sound choices in situations of scarcity. Beyond the coronation, what comes next? What are the leadership's intentions for the betterment of the Aro kingdom?

It is not fair to demand accountability from the federal and state governments for their misguided policies and decisions and yet fail to do the same within our local context. Every leadership role carries with it a duty, whether it is inherited or obtained through elections.

We are eager to hear from the newly crowned king to understand his vision for Arochukwu. Myself and others like me will offer feedback right from his inaugural address. If his intentions are for the betterment of the kingdom, he can anticipate our support as well. 

Kudos to everyone that is thinking and working for the progress of Arochukwu. Anyone thinking backwards will surely be made to understand.

Long live Aro Okeigbo!

Onye Ukwu Biri n’udo

Onye Nta biri n’udo.

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