Arochukwu Kingdom Celebrates the Crowning of its 9th King Amidst Tradition and Unity, Presents A heavy Weight Cow to The Ibom Isii And Eze Agwu Kindreds

Nnadozie Victor

In the heart of Arochukwu Kingdom, a land steeped in tradition and rich history, a significant moment was recently marked. The Royal family of the Okennachi Kindred presented a grand gesture to the Ibom Isii and Eze Agwu na Okwara Agwu kindreds to show appreciation for the crowning of a new King and in accordance with Aro customs and traditions.

In adherence to the time-honored Aro traditional rites for crowning a new King, a grand and heavy cow was presented to the Ibom Isii and Eze Agwu na Okwara Agwu kindreds. This act of generosity was a symbolic expression of gratitude and respect, strengthening the deep-seated traditions that define Arochukwu.

The historic coronation took place on the 20th of October, 2023, as Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei was crowned as the 9th King of Arochukwu Kingdom. The Ibom Isii Kindred played a central role in this momentous event, as it is their sacred duty to crown a new king whenever the need arises. The day was filled with joy, appreciation, and a renewed commitment to the cherished customs and traditions of Arochukwu.

Eze Kanu Nwa Kanu of the Ibom Isii Kindred while receiving the cow reaffirmed his dedication to upholding the customs and traditions of the Aro Kingdom. He emphasized that the selection of a king is the prerogative of the Aro people, not the government. He called upon all Umu Aro to support the new king in every possible way. He issued a stern warning against actions that might challenge the new Eze Aro, reminding all that such challenges were akin to defying the very essence of Aro Kingdom.

Eze Okoroafor Uroh of the Eze Agwu na Okwara Agwu Kindred extended his blessings and wisdom. He noted that, according to the traditions of Arochukwu, an individual whose father is still alive has never assumed a leadership role in any traditional capacity. This underscores the sanctity of tradition. Eze Okoroafor Uroh blessed the new king and expressed his hope that the reign of the new Eze Aro would restore the lost glory of Arochukwu Kingdom and promote peace and unity throughout the entire kingdom.

The crowning of Mazi Godwin Kanu Idei as the 9th King of Arochukwu Kingdom is not just a momentous event; it is a symbol of the enduring traditions, unity, and pride of the Aro people. It serves as a reminder that tradition and culture are essential aspects of the Arochukwu identity and continue to be upheld with great reverence.

As we look ahead, we anticipate the exciting journey that lies before Arochukwu Kingdom under the reign of the new Eze Aro. Stay tuned for more updates as we follow this remarkable chapter in Arochukwu's history.

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