Arochukwu Female Football Competition Suspended Due to Irregularities

Arochukwu, Nigeria - The much-anticipated maiden female football competition in Arochukwu, hosted by Ifeanyi Elvis Ogbonna, popularly known as Mazi IGNES, has been suspended. The event, which aimed to bring joy, entertainment, and unity to the Arochukwu community, has faced an unexpected halt due to discovered irregularities.

In an official release made available to Aro Okeigbo Blog, the announcement stated:

Dear Members of the Arochukwu Community,

Ifeanyi Elvis Ogbonna Mazi IGNES hosted a historic Female Football Competition in our beloved hometown, Arochukwu, Abia State. This event was organized to bring joy and entertainment to our community and to scout the best village and team across the 19 villages.

Unfortunately, during the ongoing matches, we discovered irregularities involving four teams. These teams had scouted and hired professional players from outside our community and state, which is against the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) guidelines.

This competition is meant to be a joyful event, celebrating football within our community, Arochukwu Kingdom. Players from outside the community will not be entertained.

In light of these gross misconducts, as of today, July 2, 2024, the current football process is hereby canceled.

A new date will be communicated to the coaches immediately to ensure adherence to the guidelines, playing only with indigenes of our community, not outsiders.


This historic female football competition is intended for fun and to foster joy within our community. It is not about the money but the entertainment that brings us all together. The passion of our players and viewers is to see our youth and children play among themselves and celebrate their talents.

The prizes for the winners will be as follows:

First Place: N1,000,000.00

Second Place: N500,000.00

Third Place: N300,000.00

As we aim to create joy and entertainment within our community, all team members are given one month to train and scout players from within our kingdom, Arochukwu.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


DG Aloysius Ahamefula Okereke Chioma

The decision to suspend the competition was not taken lightly, but it underscores the commitment to fairness and community spirit that the Ifeanyi Ogbonna Movement upholds. The aim of the competition has always been to celebrate local talent and foster unity within the Arochukwu Kingdom. By ensuring that only indigenous players participate, the event maintains its integrity and purpose.

Coaches and teams are now given a month to prepare and ensure that all players are from within the community. The new date for the competition will be announced soon, with the hope that it will resume with renewed enthusiasm and adherence to the guidelines.

Stay tuned for further updates on the rescheduled matches and developments as the Arochukwu female football competition continues to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and community unity.

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