Clarification on Previously Published Article Regarding ASCETA

Aro Okeigbo Blog wishes to address concerns raised regarding the authorship of the letter referenced in our earlier publication titled "Group Petitions Gov Otti Over Alleged Mismanagement, Nepotism at ASCETA."

We have been contacted by Mazi Dr. Agodi Kanu, who was named as the signee of the petition mentioned in the article. Dr. Kanu has unequivocally stated that he did not sign any such petition and has no knowledge of the allegations or events described therein. He also emphasized that he has no intention of involving himself in matters concerning the Abia State College of Education, Technical, Arochukwu (ASCETA).

Dr. Kanu has called upon the individual who impersonated him to come forward and take responsibility for their actions. We at Aro Okeigbo Blog regret any confusion or harm this misattribution may have caused.

To ensure transparency and uphold our commitment to accurate reporting, we are issuing this disclaimer to clarify Dr. Kanu's lack of involvement in the petition. We disassociate ourselves from the actions of the impersonator and any statements erroneously attributed to Dr. Kanu.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding as we strive to maintain the integrity of our reporting.

Management, Aro Okeigbo Blog

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